With the recent influx of large businesses into its core, downtown Detroit comes alive during the work week. However, after the 9 to 5, few amenities exist to hold the commuting population downtown, or attract others to the urban core. Exten[D] seeks to amplify the pulse of the city by creating a destination that caters to regulars and first-time visitors alike, whether college students in Midtown, daily commuters to offices Downtown, loyal city-dwellers, nearby suburbanites, local artists and makers. By identifying key amenities and attractions, Exten[D] creates a destination that completes what the city has to offer beyond the 9 to 5, as a place to live, play, and work.

For current residents, the site provides necessary amenities such as a grocery store and vibrant public space as extensions of their life outside of work. For commuters, time downtown is extended by providing a place to buy their morning coffee or paper along their commute (with a convenient M-1 light rail stop at the steps of the development), and restaurants in which to dine or meet after work. A Gallery Walk activates the Farmer Street side of the site, providing work and gallery spaces for budding creatives and students from area schools such as the College for Creative Studies. The Opportunity Detroit Showcase features plans, site models, and other exhibits about developments in and around Detroit for visitors. The [D]alley provides a connection between Farmer Street and Woodward, and a playful space for gathering or for extending street activity into the site. A rooftop path connects to a people-mover stop at the east side of the site, as well as providing necessary green space for a stroll or walking the dog.